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Sure, DarkPoetry was originally just a place to post poems and get quality feedback.

But it became much more. In its 14+ years of quiet existence in the underbelly of the internet, DarkPoetry has attracted a diverse corpus of talented poets, conspiring to develop the dark art of the spoken miracle.

Join DarkPoetry (free) and become friends with some truly fascinating people. And you are always welcome to share your poems in this non-judgmental environment.
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Congratulations New Scholars

DarkPoetry College, via it's capable instructor GhettoZombie has produced four new hard working and crafty graduates: TropicalSnowstorm, Beth, River Lily, and DK6_Marius. Congratulations to all, we are proud of you.
Posted by DarkPoet on 2016-03-14 09:53:13

Link Up With Facebook

Members can now sign in with Facebook, wherever you see the FB icon icon.

Non-members can also very easily join DarkPoetry simply by clicking the FB icon icon and approving the connection to their Facebook account.

Please contact us if anything doesn't work as you would expect so we can make it right.
Posted by DarkPoet on 2016-01-08 10:31:15

Back To School

After a hiatus, DP College is back in session. More than twenty students have successfully completed this course and earned the title of "Scholar." We'd love to add your name to their ranks.

For 10 ducats (additional donations are welcome), you will learn the basics of poetry and participate in informal weekly discussions of your poetry and process with regular evaluation of your progress. Classes can be attended at any time during each week and begin on January 4, 2016 and run through March 13th.

To sign up, just send 10 ducats to the able and experienced instructor, GhettoZombie. As usual, space is limited to 20 people to ensure that all have a quality experience.
Posted by DarkPoet on 2015-11-03 09:59:29

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