Sunshine Scribblers

Sunshine Scribblers DarkPoetry is a literal madhouse of poets, all co-mingling in the darkness. Sunshine Scribblers, in the spirit of our sister site Poetly, is for those poets who dare to bring a little light into the shadows. Whether you dabble in dark humor, flirt with light love poems, or dwell in the twilight that lies between, you are welcome to join.

Leader:  Lydia Jade   (apply)

What's New From Sunshine Scribblers

  • "The Pound"Poetry by Phalanx
  • "Miss Schengen"Poetry by TropicalSnowstorm
  • "44"Poetry by Phalanx
  • "Bloodlust"Poetry by johnbevan17
  • "Terrestrial"Poetry by Phalanx
  • "tick tock. "Graphic Art by Star
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