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my name is bret i love writing ,
my main influence has always been music (classic rock) i'm 45 i have been writing since i was 13

molock's Works

Poetry (Political)2015-03-30shadow flag
Poetry (Political)2015-07-10gospel of molock
Poetry (Spiritual)0000-00-00moon matrix
Poetry (Abuse)0000-00-00a pound of flesh
Poetry (Love)2016-04-08dangerous liaison
Poetry 2016-10-20nimrod's baby
Poetry (Depressed)0000-00-00my co-dependent
Lyrics 0000-00-00asteroid horse
Lyrics (Political)0000-00-00sacred ground
Graphic Art 2016-11-05i just rocked my baby to sleep
Lyrics (Love)0000-00-00crown of thorns
Poetry 2016-11-08vague description
Poetry 0000-00-00apple in decay
Lyrics 0000-00-00my shadow walks
Poetry (Love)2016-11-12stars fell like rain
Lyrics (Abuse)0000-00-006 strange days
Lyrics (Structured)0000-00-00Babylon sister
Lyrics (Abuse)2016-11-17Killin' the memories of you
Graphic Art 2016-11-19sideways mo
Poetry (Love)0000-00-00loves last breath
Poetry (Abuse)0000-00-00Anvil
Lyrics (Love)0000-00-00love has fallen
Poetry (Reflective)2016-12-26ax to grind
Lyrics 2016-12-28Bandolero ( a tribute to Phill Lynott / Thin Lizzy )
Poetry 2017-01-02the gray
Poetry (Love)2017-01-04gypsy
Poetry (Reflective)2017-01-05foot in the grave
Lyrics (Abuse)2017-01-05two bottles down
Graphic Art (Spiritual)2017-01-07Evening, the fall of day
Lyrics (Love)2017-01-08lord have mercy
Poetry (Abuse)2017-01-11silver spoon roses and whiskey
Poetry (Spiritual)2017-01-15Casa de lobos
Poetry (Reflective)2017-01-16Ax to grind extended version
Poetry (Abuse)2017-01-17White girl seduction
Poetry (Horror)2017-01-17Splinter
Poetry (Love)2017-01-19Cumbersome disguise
Lyrics (Spiritual)2017-03-05Last call for Memphis
Poetry (Love)2017-03-15why me?
Lyrics (Tribute)2017-03-18seein' double (a tribute to the real slim shady)
Poetry (Love)2017-04-13i guess this is goodbye
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