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Welcome to my inner most darkest thoughts
of my heart, mind, and soul. I write how I feel. I am a self taught Writer. I love to write and listen to music. It is how I express myself. I also love to read, jog, lift weights, Yoga, and watch movies (mostly Horror).

"We're creating monsters
we created you." - Combichrist

"I drink because I'm lost
I'm lost because I drink." - Chris Stapleton

"When every day of my life is a constant fight between wrong and right." - DMX

"I push my fingers into my eyes it's the only thing that stops the ache." - Slipknot

"Wake up it's time to die." - Bladerunner

"Now the world is my trigger and I'm here to fucki** pull it." - Hatebreed

Formerly heartdripsblack and heartdripslove


Marilyn Manson
Upon A Burning Body
Every Time I Die
Fear Factory
I Devour
Five Finger Death Punch
Meylene And The Sons of Disaster
Corrosion Of Conformity
Monster Magnet
Breakdown Of Sanity
This Cold Life
Lamb of God
Amon Amarth
He Is Legend
Rob Zombie
Thy Art Is Murder
Thousand Foot Crutch
Blind Pilot
Orange 9MM
Highly Suspect

For the Country side of me

The Highwaymen
David Allen Coe
Kris Kristofferson
Johnny Cash
Chris Stapleton
Jamey johnson
Willie Nelson
Hanks Williams
Merle Haggard
Kenny Chesney
Garth Brooks
Jerry Jeff Walker
Jason Aldean
Keith Urban
Zac Brown Band
Oak Ridge Boys
Trampled By Turtles
Drive By Truckers
The Devil Makes Three
Son Volt
Kip Moore
Kentucky Headhunters
Nitty Gritty Band
Tim McGraw

Bornfrompain 's Works

Poetry 2016-08-10Lately it's been the stars breaking me on the inside.
Poetry 0000-00-00moonlight dances still.
Poetry 0000-00-00Trying not to die within the lie.
Poetry (Rage)2016-04-01My misery keeps on finding me.
Poetry 2016-04-03forever I will always suffer.
Poetry 2016-04-08my anger will always save me from your god.
Poetry (Love)2016-04-09because love has never lasted long enough for me.
Poetry 2016-04-13inside these bones are breaking.
Poetry 0000-00-00I was dead before I breathed.
Poetry 2016-04-23beneath my filthy skin I wish I was clean like you.
Poetry 2016-05-11And so I burn all of the good things away.
Poetry 0000-00-00You pick your prey and then you're gone.
Poetry 2016-06-04If only I had the wings to fly.
Poetry 2016-06-11Until the light fades away from me.
Poetry 2016-06-18Where the cold no longer goes.
Poetry 2016-06-19Wonders fall.
Poetry 0000-00-00Sign of the crux.
Poetry 2016-06-26You found the heartache of a hopeless man again.
Poetry 2016-06-29If I was supposed to be your smile?
Poetry 2016-07-03The hopeless of hopes is to love me.
Poetry 2016-07-09when your heart's gone numb from all of the pain and cold.
Poetry 2016-07-11because I'm reminding myself of how I want to die.
Poetry 2016-07-23Bleeding my eyes close forever.
Poetry 2016-07-28Forgiveness is not what I need.
Poetry 2016-08-13Before that one day when I'm finally buried back in the ground.
Poetry 2016-08-16Because these prayers are like suicide gold.
Poetry 2016-08-18Death beware of my tormented soul.
Poetry (Love)2016-08-21It wasn't that long ago when you held my smile.
Poetry 2016-08-22That one day when I'm finally buried in to the ground.
Poetry 2016-08-22Because you don't deserve my misery.
Poetry 2016-08-23Because I'm putting hope in nothing anymore.
Poetry 2016-08-24To forever capture the picture of a dream come true for you.
Poetry 2016-08-26It's a whiskey still misses me kind of morning.
Poetry 2016-08-27The quiet escape.
Poetry 2016-08-28This letter of darkness is from me.
Poetry 2016-08-30Oh this dream it is too good for me.
Poetry 2016-08-31It is the common thread that we bleed together.
Poetry (Love)2016-09-01You oh my dear are my better half.
Poetry 2016-09-04Waiting for the pain to come on strong.
Poetry 2016-09-05God would you listen to me today?
Poetry 2016-09-05All I had left for a name was Whiskey Shame.
Poetry 0000-00-00At least these darkest of thoughts aren't for you my love.
Poetry 2016-09-10If only I could find my small soul.
Poetry 0000-00-00Because my love has a few words to say to you.
Poetry 2016-09-26With you in my arm's.
Poetry 0000-00-00It all started with a kiss.
Poetry 2016-10-09I am my final sin.
Poetry 2016-10-02Heartache Machete.
Poetry 2016-10-07You saw my heart today.
Poetry 2016-10-09Shooting Star.
Poetry 2016-10-11Feeling for the pain again.
Poetry 2016-10-14Sometimes I think of dying just so I can kill the pain.
Poetry 0000-00-00To die in my own misery.
Poetry 2016-10-19I'm just a lonely man living his life behind another mask.
Poetry 2016-10-21Bitterness it is in the end of everything.
Poetry 2016-10-22My heart sings our song of lost love leaving you and me forever.
Poetry 2016-10-29For your desire to want me.
Poetry 2016-11-05Sharing my heart with you I wish I could.
Poetry 2016-11-12Because I have nothing left but the pain to hold on to.
Poetry 2016-11-12A slave to my grave.
Poetry 2016-11-12You keep telling my heart what you want it to say to you.
Poetry 2016-11-16Living in this darkness.
Poetry 2016-11-19There's a tear somewhere just for you.
Poetry 0000-00-00An image of decay.
Poetry 2016-11-23 A different color of gray.
Poetry 2016-11-29Up against the dark.
Poetry 2016-12-11Lonely the night calls back to me.
Poetry 2016-12-15Because I can't afford the pain anymore.
Poetry 2016-12-17I am empty of the light.
Poetry 2016-12-18I may be a dreamer of lost love.
Poetry 2016-12-24Because there's distance in between our laughter.
Poetry 2016-12-28When the numbness has gone wrong.
Poetry 2017-01-01Left here to live in between the suicide of dreams.
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