Red Warriors

By Tryston Turnbow

The beatings, the pain, scars and sears into my head.
Every day, I’m punished simply for existing.
Verbal. Physical. Emotional. Mental. This abuse, I can take it.
But from my own family?
Maybe they’re right.
I lean over the sink with spiteful thoughts thoroughly implanted in my mind.
Maybe I’m worthless.
The knife looks surprisingly sharp
Maybe I should go.
It flickered silver in the fluorescent light.
Maybe I should cry for awhile.
The sink fills a bit with my little red warriors.
Maybe it’s worth it.
I can’t even cry. My eyes are dry and sore as if I’ll never be able to cry again.
Maybe I’ll stay.
I place the knife under the running water.
Maybe I’ll fight the bullies.
I wrap my arm in my sleeve.
Maybe I’m done fighting.
I shake my head and cry silent tears.
Maybe this time they’ll hear me.
I pick the blade up…
Maybe I’ll sleep.
And drill it into my chest.
Maybe they should’ve listened.
The red warriors are free.

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Copyright 2017 Tryston Turnbow
Published on Wednesday, March 15, 2017.     Filed under: "Depressed" and "Poetry"
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Comments on "Red Warriors"

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  • dwells On Wednesday, March 15, 2017, dwells (5386)By person wrote:

    Welcome to DP and here's a Band-Aid TT :) Hoping this was cathartic. I thought red warriors an interesting metaphor myself; for red blood cell corpuscles, and the white blood cells / infection fighting leucocytes, would be the warrior contingent . Drilling does sound painful :) - cheers! - Dan

  • Queazenart On Wednesday, March 15, 2017, Queazenart (288)By person wrote:

    Thank you for exemplifying poetry without rhyme. The narrative was focused and your words were clear. I liked the alternating statement/"maybe" scheme you had going; I found it very compelling. This poem might have been enhanced if you broke it into stanzas, but I don't think it suffered without it, if that makes sense. I also think the "little red warriors" metaphor was weak- I know it's blood, but what makes it a warrior? Still, you did an amazing job of expressing pain and emotion. Welcome to Dark Poetry. Not everyone here is as wordy as me XD

  • Lux On Wednesday, March 15, 2017, Lux (313)By person wrote:

    There is so much here for a first write. The pain is evident but with hope, you'll be able to turn it into strength. Welcome to Dark Poetry. My inbox is always available if you should need.

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