Why you should cheat on your boyfriend

By Recycled

Keeps him from becoming egotistical

Reminds him he is lucky to have you

Lets him know he is not, ^Master of your universe^

Keeps him focused on keeping you

Sex with strangers is just more fun

You don't have to be as picky with a one night stand

**This is open ended. Feel free to suggest additions.

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Copyright 2004 Recycled
Published on Thursday, May 13, 2004.     Filed under: "List"
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  • Scarrzz On Friday, July 24, 2009, Scarrzz (254)By person wrote:

    That was fun to read, in a (partially) sad but true kind of way... BUT : Having a boyfriend implies a bond, and therefore the intent to care for one another's needs. If by "boyfriend" you mean "guy you hook up with when no one else is available" then that's the game you like to play & that's your prerogative. Just be honest about it. Personally, I'm a very non-jealous sort. I figure flirting & playing is just fun, whether it's me or the one I'm with. Sex however is a spiritual connection that should not be taken lightly, and playing with people's hearts is always going to wind up hurting someone. Scholar

  • Mari On Tuesday, January 6, 2009, Mari (449)By person wrote:

    Don't hate the player hate the game.

  • A former member wrote: Just noticed all the haters below. Wow, was pretty sure this site was about artistic expression...

  • A former member wrote: So fckn true, every word...well done.

  • Sparrow On Tuesday, May 27, 2008, Sparrow (96)By person wrote:

    Ahh, I was laughing through the whole thing

  • Rebel tiGer King On Monday, April 21, 2008, Rebel tiGer King (282)By person wrote:

    as do i, if i because i show my woman the love she deserves, respect, equality and treat her like my queen, but there will be no cheating, on either part, not acceptable, but this was a fun read -symph-

  • A former member wrote: Well I completely disagree with this. ][ ][

  • A former member wrote: hmmm, you do drugs. bad ones, theyve changed you, as did your family. i hope your heart changes.

  • HalfDarkAngel On Sunday, November 25, 2007, HalfDarkAngel (65)By person wrote:

    wow. youre a total bitch. i think what you described is called being a whore. my first girlfriend cheated on me. not cool. if you can so casually throw together a list like this then you obviously have no idea what it feels like.

  • Devilish On Thursday, June 16, 2011, Devilish (4053)By person wrote:

    I guess I'm a whore then too! I dont mind... fuck who ever you feel like fuckin... his brother... dad maybe! even his mom if thats your forta'... I'm versitile... Scholar

  • Spiral Downward On Tuesday, January 15, 2008, Spiral Downward (438)By person wrote:

    Don't you think your being a little bit over the top with that man? It's just a work of art, if you like it then read it and if you don't like it then don't.

  • A former member wrote: Or you could not date anyone and then not be a cunt......:) Reminds him he's unlucky to have met you. That you're not loyal. Sorry, this attitude annoys me. Had to comment.

  • Mari On Sunday, October 14, 2007, Mari (449)By person wrote:

    or maybe you should cheat on him because you're just not getting what you want from the relationship. and although he's a great guy , he is just not rocking your world. but then again maybe i should give it time, right?

  • Bella Butchery On Tuesday, October 30, 2007, Bella Butchery (759)By person wrote:

    better sex comes with eiter more alcohol, or more emotions.... pick your poison

  • Devilish On Thursday, June 16, 2011, Devilish (4053)By person wrote:

    Yesss... wow I love your comment... pick your poison, yes! Scholar

  • A former member wrote: ummm.. yeah, i don't get it..lol Scholar

  • stormtalk On Thursday, June 28, 2007, stormtalk (751)By person wrote:

    cause everybody loves sluts

  • A former member wrote: Love is like a fish hook the deeper it gets the more it hurts leaving. If you can "Cheat" you're not in love. I don't think it's gona hurt him as much as you in time.

  • Trigger On Tuesday, June 5, 2007, Trigger (79)By person wrote:

    You make me sad.

  • openureyes On Monday, May 28, 2007, openureyes (63)By person wrote:

    Its a good sure fire way to see what the realtionships realy made of! ..not that I am condoning it:)

  • verablue On Sunday, February 11, 2007, verablue (116)By person wrote:

    if you are with someone who is treating you well and with respect, there is no need to try and humble them by cheating. perhaps you should be a bit pickier.

  • Bella Butchery On Friday, February 23, 2007, Bella Butchery (759)By person wrote:


  • sIo On Wednesday, November 15, 2006, sIo (677)By person wrote:

    um. i'd lose my bf if i did that. i'd rather not.

  • A former member wrote: This makes me a little sad and more pissed. ][ ][

  • SilentStalker On Monday, August 7, 2006, SilentStalker (1148)By person wrote:

    ...Betcha can't have just one...nuff said... Scholar

  • SilentStalker On Monday, August 7, 2006, SilentStalker (1148)By person wrote:

    You always wondered if the twin brother was REALLY the same in all aspects...time to find out... Scholar

  • Devilish On Thursday, June 16, 2011, Devilish (4053)By person wrote:

    I fuckin love your comments... I was thinking the same exact thing n then i read yours... Scholar

  • SilentStalker On Monday, August 7, 2006, SilentStalker (1148)By person wrote:

    ...because you've never been on Jerry Springer before, and this is the perfect opportunity... Scholar

  • Cattarax On Monday, August 7, 2006, Cattarax (149)By person wrote:

    HA HA HA HA .... this is to great ...

  • little butterfly On Saturday, May 27, 2006, little butterfly (37)By person wrote:

    this is cool wouldn't do it myself but valid reasons

  • Vexed On Wednesday, May 24, 2006, Vexed (77)By person wrote:

    wow, those are damned good reasons...don't think I could cheat on my boyfriend (when I have one) tho...

  • SilentStalker On Tuesday, May 2, 2006, SilentStalker (1148)By person wrote:

    ...because his idea of "Tarzan and Jane" as a fun night out is really getting on your nerves; I mean, he didn't Have to club you into submission, you know... Scholar

  • SilentStalker On Tuesday, May 2, 2006, SilentStalker (1148)By person wrote:

    ...because two minutes just doesn't do it for you anymore...didn't they say the guy down the street lasted five...? ;) Scholar

  • A former member wrote: dude, hold on... you dont have a boyfriend, remember? Scholar

  • A former member wrote: hmmmm... lemme see, well, if I am not the boyfriend, then I could not agree more... (maybe that is why I am not the boyfriend) damn chicken egg things... Scholar

  • blue On Tuesday, May 2, 2006, blue (1480)By person wrote:

    Maybe your just not ready for a real relationship. hmm. Nonsense personified.

  • A former member wrote: *nods*

  • SilentStalker On Tuesday, May 2, 2006, SilentStalker (1148)By person wrote:

    ...cause *points* That guy's is bigger... :P Scholar

  • mywristshurt On Tuesday, May 2, 2006, mywristshurt (414)By person wrote:

    because if he's always around, you would need somebody new

  • Mari On Sunday, April 30, 2006, Mari (449)By person wrote:

    makes perfect sense

  • A former member wrote: hmmm.. a subject i have been thinking a lot about lately... lol.. strange that i happened upon this at this time, no?

  • A former member wrote: does it really not bother guys to be cheated on.. especially when they dont call you for like 2 weeks (including your birthday and xmas). i just dont know.. sigh. by the way ur front page pic is awesomely goofy! i love it!

  • A former member wrote: your that much sexier on someone elses arm-hee hee

  • Northstar On Wednesday, July 28, 2004, Northstar (391)By person wrote:

    *giggles* this is great

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