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  • "I've often joked that I'm too white for the sun. It is never not too bright, and only when it sets can I breathe. I was born, I think, on a planet near a red dwarf, where days are more involved with sunlessness. The moon is a savior for those as us."
    Posted by syzygy on "The Moon" by Kaiser Black
  • "Really done well, the way you mix colors and feelings and conditions and adverbs. I will be thinking about this poem. Is his love abuse or his abuse love? Chilling, reminiscent of a serial killer in some dark basement with all the time in the world do perfect his personal exhibition."
    Posted by syzygy on "shades of violent" by Magdalena
  • "If someone were to ask me what being drunk was like I could just let them read this and know that they were getting the very best advice on the subject...but most " drunk" s aren't this well captured. This is more like an expert in drunk s that has talked to a hundred drunks and written a poem conglomerate of all the best parts of each one. Awesome."
    Posted by syzygy on "Flat Red Shoes" by BeautifulCalamity
  • "So much truth inside this honest cry to just be able to control the ebb and flow of life and love Nixx. Unfortunately I believe that you are among an age group that puts little value on contemplation and hesitation. Daily demands make new claims in a selfish world that is rushing-by; and leaving us behind. Cheers! - Dan"
    Posted by dwells on "Just Listen" by Nixx
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