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  • "I believe that it is the human adults ability to be so completely involved in themselves, that they don’t notice anyone or anything around them or the effect they have on them, so much so that it will be the downfall of the world. "
    Posted by AlluringDescent_darkbride on "To Honor All (W/ Solace)" by Mr King
  • "That is absolutely too, too cute! I have three black cats who think they’re gods. Especially when I’m sleeping but they’re hungry. Damn cats. *smile*"
    Posted by AlluringDescent_darkbride on "Ares" by purr_verse
  • "It’s so very weird how life is one big fucking circle and we seem to be stuck in choosing heartache time and again. Nothing ever seems to last. And happiness seems so much like a fantasy. "
    Posted by AlluringDescent_darkbride on "[crash&burn]" by Six-Out
  • "Yeah…Yeah…beautifully and heartbreakingly true. The 2nd stanza is all too familiar. And the 7th stanza is something I’ve asked one too many times. This was worded perfectly. "
    Posted by AlluringDescent_darkbride on "[crash&burn]" by Six-Out
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