Comments by River Lily

  • "This was amazing such a perfectly in tune flow of words, with an emotionally charged pen..beautifully written."
    Posted by River Lily on "Frames" by Rag-a-muffin
  • ""We gave the devil matches; then invited him to stay" loved the repetition and these lines...your a master at structured writing and I bow to you for this...Wishes I could keep everything in perfect flow as you do. Great write dwells"
    Posted by River Lily on "It Burns (villanelle in monorhyme)" by dwells
  • ""unfulfilled angst behind steamed windows" great lines in this..this one stuck with me. This was a lovely reflection of times past..nostalgia in sepia tones :) it was nice reading something new from you..missed your pen "
    Posted by River Lily on "Humming along to an echo" by TropicalSnowstorm
  • "This was great..I suck at anything structured and with a name..thats why my stuff is usually all over the place. just dont have the patience like most. I always enjoy reading your works always something different. Nicely penned."
    Posted by River Lily on "The X.tra Terrestrial Genome" by dwells
  • "Really liked the metaphors, this is deeply saddening..I read your authors note. I myself am going on 6 years of sobriety and when your down its a hard place to get out of. I wish you the best. Nicely penned."
    Posted by River Lily on "Anvil" by molock
  • "When the child plays the role of parent, and the parent acts like the child. Looks like you have your hands full. My mom drives me nuts too..but i still love her..I guess its ingrained in us too feel this way."
    Posted by River Lily on "tell me how" by biohazzard
  • "This is a stunning work of art and these lines "Desire is no more than a black key Hammer and silk Fingertips and bent backs" powerful..always a pleasure to read you "
    Posted by River Lily on "Strange Transitions" by carlosjackal
  • ""I aim to sky because the the thoughts just won't stop burrowing, light it on fire and maybe the world will all see the passion and finally feel it's...awe inspiring" beautiful words.."
    Posted by River Lily on "Stream of consciousness " by Paradox
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