Comments by River Lily

  • "I miss days of normal conversation..actually sitting and talking with someone face to face or even over the it's all social media or send a text :/ nicely penned hon..always happy seeing something new from you :)"
    Posted by River Lily on "Hopeless" by Phalanx
  • "You capture so many beautiful images with your a photographer with a camera ..but with a pen instead..this was beautiful and magical :)"
    Posted by River Lily on "With Kindnesses" by Eadgar Anton Crowe
  • ""The grammar Nazi's try to keep my language chained, But the point of language is to communicate so it's okay." really like that line..this was very well put together and nicely penned."
    Posted by River Lily on "Don't read this." by themasterhunter
  • "Writing is one of the best forms of release..has always been my go to for when i'm feeling emotionally overloaded.. nicely penned"
    Posted by River Lily on "Regret in Writing" by Noel Haiasi
  • "lol This gave me the morning giggles :D which is always a great way to start the day..Im glad how you were able to take something serious and make light of it..this had a great flow and i much enjoyed"
    Posted by River Lily on "An Ode to my Bleb" by Just Dave
  • "I use to smoke weed..Cant say I was wandering around and doing good deeds though..I think I just melted into the couch for a few hours lol This was cute and fun..nicely penned :)"
    Posted by River Lily on "weed" by biohazzard
  • ""I'm the server to his harbored whores Lady Liberty in chains." lots of great lines in this piece ..really liked this one...very well penned and solid write. much enjoyed"
    Posted by River Lily on "To Kingston Come" by Mona
  • "This left me feeling a little was emotional and open..maybe even wistful.. Your very hard on yourself and you shouldn't be..nicely penned"
    Posted by River Lily on "Chonk" by Phalanx
  • ""Until you think it will change but nothing ever changes about this place " change is only something we can accomplish..things dont change people do..but only if they want it..very nicely penned made me think"
    Posted by River Lily on "Stuck On This Road" by Damien
  • "This was beautiful, and filled with the need to recapture days gone by..nicely penned *hugs*"
    Posted by River Lily on "Snapshot" by Phalanx
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