TropicalSnowstorm's Achievements

Order of the Raven

On Jan 20, 2014: Contributed extraordinary quantities of time or funds to help build DarkPoetry. This is our highest honor!

Ordo Mercurium

On Feb 19, 2017: Recognized for extraordinary dedication to consistently providing insightful feedback to members over a very long period of time.

Council Service

On Dec 31, 2011: Was nominated and accepted to serve on the DarkPoetry Council

Glorius Lifer

On Feb 20, 2001: This member has been with DarkPoetry for more than ten years.

Gilded The Lily

On Jun 18, 2015: This member achieved a Gold Membership as their highest membership support level.

Cabal Founder

On Dec 31, 0: Founded and organized an approved cabal.

Contest Master

On Feb 17, 2014: Organized and supervised a member-sponsored contest.

Chosen for PoTD

On May 13, 2017: This member has had at least one poem chosen for DarkPoetry's Poem of the Day.

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