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I'm a serious, logical artist at heart, though sometimes my sarcastic side gets the best of me, and then my aloof and random idle comment side comes in, and they all get into a brawl about who shall have me that day. And now I'm rambling.

"I'm not a clone I'm a frankenstein, created from the visions of a mastermind, this face, this soul, this rhyme is mine but y'all don't know this." - Twiztid ~ "Frankenstein"

My Website: http://www.geocities.com/chronichilariousity
My Yahoo: crazed_juggaboo
My AIM: Tinkerfoot989
~::Down Wit Da Clown Til I'm Dead In Da Ground::~

Wren's Works

Poetry 2000-09-10If Only...
Rant 2003-07-04Bitches
Poetry 2003-07-01Fuck them(Ode To Juggalos)
Poetry 2003-06-25Hour Of Pleasure
Poetry 2003-06-07Who says?
Poetry 2003-06-06Another Dead Day
Poetry 2003-05-11Love
Poetry 2003-05-11Oh...
Poetry 2003-05-09Jealousy
Poetry 2003-05-09Beware The Gremlins
Poetry 2003-05-09Knight In Shining Amour
Poetry 2003-05-09Obsession
Poetry 2003-05-09The One
Poetry 2003-04-13Gone
Poetry 2003-04-13Me!
Poetry 2003-04-1311:30
Poetry 2003-04-13Ghosts
Poetry 2003-04-13Lost and Found
Poetry 2003-04-13Waiting
Poetry 2003-04-13Pushup Bras and Sweater Sets
Poetry 2003-04-13Blankness
Poetry 2003-04-13Beachy Nights
Poetry 2003-04-13Freedom?
Poetry 2003-04-13Blood Lust
Poetry 2003-04-13Pixie Dust
Poetry 2003-04-13The Circle Of Life
Poetry 2003-04-13Just lying here
Poetry 2003-04-13Liquid Bubbles
Poetry 2003-04-13Puffy Cloudys
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