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A.K.A. - Alkaia (a little tired of the name, so decided it's time for a change :) )

A long, long time ago i first joined DP when it belonged to and all the poets could fit on one page! i was so full of that wonderful teenage angst, where all these wonderful poems sprang from. all those poems you see without a date? those are from that time and lost their dates when everything got moved over to its own server.

now years have passed, i found a hubby and therefor a little bit of sunshine in this gloomy world, so i haven't been writing as much - i'm a mother and a working woman and one of these days i'm going to get around to actually paying to support DP, so i can actually upload the few poems and works i have written!

i miss you guys, those who may remember me :)

so many new writers, so many new works..i feel so lost!

Anaelle's Works

Poetry 0000-00-00When He's Not Here...
Poetry 0000-00-00I Do Not...
Poetry 0000-00-00Dying Rose
Poetry 0000-00-00Pleading for an Answer
Poetry 0000-00-00No Escape
Poetry 0000-00-00Hour Glass
Poetry 0000-00-00Broken Angel
Poetry 0000-00-00Silver Moon
Poetry 0000-00-00S.A.M.
Poetry 0000-00-00Hubris
Poetry 0000-00-00Purple Sun
Poetry 0000-00-00You Don't Understand
Poetry 0000-00-00Mirror Reflection
Poetry 0000-00-00Poetry
Poetry 0000-00-00Arachnophobia
Poetry 0000-00-00I Thought...
Poetry 0000-00-00Bed of Roses
Poetry 0000-00-00Cleansing My Soul
Poetry 2001-01-27Wasted Tears
Poetry 0000-00-00Reality's Hell
Poetry 2002-03-01The First Kiss
Poetry 2001-07-31Possibilities
Short Story 0000-00-00The Devil Wants His Due
Short Story 0000-00-00Resolve
Poetry 0000-00-00Detachment
Poetry 0000-00-00Goddess
Short Story 0000-00-00Dying Angel
Poetry 2001-01-19Secrets
Poetry 2001-04-22Red Snow
Poetry 2001-04-22Come Dance
Poetry 2001-04-22China Doll
Poetry 2001-04-22Shattered
Poetry 2001-04-22Butchered Rhyme
Poetry 2001-04-22Shadow's Light
Poetry 0000-00-00Me, Myself, and I
Poetry 0000-00-00Hope
Poetry 0000-00-00Saturn's Rings
Short Story 2000-01-11Lucky
Short Story 2001-01-18The Mind's Death
Short Story 2001-01-18Moonlit Passion
Poetry 2001-01-18Drowning
Poetry 2001-01-18White Angels
Poetry 2001-01-18Unloved
Poetry 2001-01-18Midnight Dreams
Short Story 0000-00-00Run Away
Short Story 0000-00-00Soaked Through
Poetry 2002-02-19Week Old Roses
Poetry 2001-04-22Darkside
Poetry 0000-00-00One Short Week
Poetry 0000-00-00Lucifer
Short Story 0000-00-00Trippin'
Poetry 2001-08-15Frozen Time
Poetry 0000-00-00From His Eyes
Poetry 0000-00-00Killed in a Dream
Poetry 0000-00-00Little Child
Poetry 0000-00-00Only A Star
Poetry 2002-01-21Unfallen
Poetry 2001-06-18Addicted
Poetry 2000-01-24Dark Whispers
Short Story 2000-08-06Portrait
Poetry 2000-02-03Drugged Dreams
Poetry 2002-01-16Again
Poetry 2000-06-29Failed Love
Short Story 2001-02-19Xaylen
Poetry 2001-10-17Angel's Tears
Poetry 2001-11-26Fogged Reality
Poetry 2001-07-23Fuck Me
Poetry 2001-07-23Only
Short Story 2001-07-23Stranger's Release
Poetry 2002-01-23Falling Angel
Poetry 2002-01-23Just Another Poem
Poetry 2001-01-01Fleeting Love
Poetry 2000-11-14Unrewarded
Poetry 2002-03-21A Rememberance
Poetry 2001-02-07Watered Tears
Poetry 2001-02-08Bloody Tears
Poetry 2001-05-25Time...
Poetry 2001-03-13Found Innocence
Poetry 2001-04-26Untouched Love
Poetry 2001-05-02Forbidden
Poetry 2001-05-08She Dies Again
Poetry 2001-05-09Fogged
Poetry 2001-05-17Your Skeleton
Poetry 2001-07-22Fuck You
Poetry 2001-05-27Mine
Poetry 2001-05-28Sinning Angels
Poetry 2001-05-29The...
Poetry 2001-07-17Niemand
Poetry 2001-06-18Fuck
Poetry 2001-06-20Faded
Poetry 2001-09-23Raining Love
Poetry 2001-06-26Just Words
Poetry 2001-10-14Emotionless Poem
Short Story 2001-07-16Erotic Storm
Short Story 2001-07-16Real Dream
Short Story 2002-04-09The Birth of Xaylen
Short Story 2002-03-01The Kiss
Poetry 2001-07-23I'm Sorry
Poetry 2001-07-24Ashes
Poetry 2001-07-26Drowning in You
Poetry 2001-08-15Childhood Delights
Short Story 2001-07-28Untitled
Poetry 2001-07-28Sudden
Poetry 2001-08-01Lost Release
Poetry 2001-08-01Black-White
Poetry 2001-10-13Inked Skin
Poetry 2001-08-05Healing
Poetry 2002-02-03More Wasted Tears
Poetry 2001-09-06Echoing Love
Poetry 2001-08-10Unwinding Silky Love
Poetry 2001-10-19Fallen Drive
Poetry 2001-09-22Midnight Rain
Poetry 2001-10-01Lingering Suffocation
Poetry 2001-10-09Fire's Delight
Poetry 2001-10-11Moldy Bread
Poetry 2001-11-07Life
Poetry 2001-12-20A Typically Unusual Night
Poetry 2002-02-12You Said Goodbye
Short Story 2001-12-09Fogged In
Poetry 2001-12-10A New Feeling
Poetry 2001-12-11Labels
Poetry 2002-01-06Because of You
Poetry 2002-02-16Little Memories
Short Story 2002-05-06Awakening
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