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Greetings dark poets,

I will slowly make my way back into this world, our world.

Nore's Works

Poetry (Love)2007-02-21An unreal love
Other (Personal)2007-02-21This one night
Poetry (Rage)2007-02-21The Raging Spirits
Poetry 2007-02-21One Last Doomed Stand.
Poetry 2007-02-22The Impossible Woman
Poetry (Abuse)2007-02-22An unquestionable love
Poetry 2007-02-23Angel of Death
Poetry 2007-02-23Hating our Saviors
Poetry 2007-02-26Price to pay, to make a woman happy.
Poetry (Tribute)2007-02-28An honor to a friend
Poetry (Love)2007-03-09The Loving Zombie
Poetry 2007-03-13This is a promise
Poetry 2007-03-14The Berserking Call
Poetry (Reflective)2007-03-15Poetically incorrect
Poetry (Rage)2007-03-15A long lost forgotten cold hearted bitch.
Other (Horror)2007-03-21Can you kill this Soldier? Part 1
Poetry (Depressed)2007-03-23A cursed relationship.
Other (Horror)2007-03-23Can you kill this Soldier? Part 2
Poetry 2007-03-23Lust is pretty like drugs
Other (Personal)2007-03-26Please... don't hurt yourself... Hurt me...
Poetry (Beat)2007-04-02You are NOT prepared!
Poetry 2007-04-02Another fish to catch
Poetry 2007-04-03The Falling Heart
Other (Depressed)2007-04-03Bound to the chains of Freedom, of Imagination.
Other 2007-04-05This is where I belong... right?
Poetry 2007-04-16Destroyer's momentum
Poetry 2007-04-16Darkened Pawns
Poetry 2007-04-19The Perfect Family
Poetry (Personal)2007-04-20Thanks Hell and Death, it's Friday.
Poetry 2007-04-23The Young and the Soldier, War against Youth
Other (Horror)2007-04-24Bleeding Hollows
Poetry 2007-04-26A Wonderful Woman
Poetry 2007-04-26Her Shadow
Poetry 2007-05-01Time changes
Other (Horror)2007-05-04My entertainement
Poetry (Love)2007-05-08Broken without you
Poetry (Tribute)2007-05-08Inconditional Protection
Poetry (Love)2007-05-10The world can end, I still think about you.
Poetry (Love)2007-05-14A little : "I love you..."
Poetry (Personal)2007-05-14One last time
Poetry (Love)2007-05-15The Dark Little Cloud : Lost in your love.
Poetry (Personal)2007-05-16A Most Unpleasant Tribute
Poetry (Love)2007-05-17The star on the Edge
Poetry 2007-05-17Love in a Restaurant
Poetry (Tribute)2007-05-18Her ghost in the fog
Poetry 2007-05-18The crafting of perfection itself
Essay (Fiction)2007-05-22The City of a Thousand Skies. --Epilogue.--
Essay (Fiction)2007-05-23Fear in the City of a Thousand Skies
Rant (Personal)2007-05-29A bit of Sorrow with your drinks?
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