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I'm going to get around to filling this out eventually.

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Poetry (Reflective)2010-04-28Quiet Suffering
Poetry (Reflective)2010-08-11Faith and Angel Dust
Poetry (Spiritual)2011-02-19Shepherds and Wolves
Poetry (Philosophical)2012-07-13Sinners
Poetry (Spiritual)2012-08-18Guardian Angel
Poetry (Depressed)2012-09-24Whispering Clouds
Poetry (Personal)2012-10-18Ashes and Dust
Poetry (Depressed)2013-03-06Ghost
Poetry (Tribute)2013-07-27When I Had Wings
Poetry 0000-00-00Full Moon
Poetry (Love)2017-10-25Dark Waters
Poetry (Reflective)2017-11-09Perhaps I Shall Write
Poetry (Depressed)2017-11-14Simply Sitting
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