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Poetry 2012-12-18december
Poetry (Fantasy)2013-02-05letalis somnium / mortal dream
Poetry 2013-02-09star cross'd
Poetry (Tribute)2013-12-21pinky culmination of sophisticated love betrayal revenge plot
Poetry 2014-01-04astray
Poetry 2014-12-13Mirada Fuerte
Poetry 2015-03-05light casts shadow
Poetry 0000-00-00huntswoman, what season?
Poetry (Reflective)2015-09-20and there is also a rainbow
Poetry 0000-00-00body of evidence
Poetry 0000-00-007:16
Poetry 2015-12-09elemental
Poetry 2015-12-23harvest
Poetry (Personal)2016-08-17moartea finala
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