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I am 25 years old. I live in the United States. California to be specific. I have Asperger's Syndrome, Bipolar Disorder, and chronic Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, but I have mostly learned to deal with my OCD. None of these things prevent me me from writing. Writing is the best way I can communicate with others. Every other method I often make enemies, get weird looks, stared at, or get called names (which usually amuses me). This is not to say that this always happens. I took to role playing during the fall of 2012, and learned a lot about social interactions. It brought me to a level of understanding where I can now socialize with others and not look like a fool. I still role play to this day.

Writing is one of my six passions. It places at second. I love writing poetry and I love writing song lyrics. I also like to write about the things I like, and am currently working on a short story in a high fantasy universe based loosely around Norse Mythology about Dwarves.
At first is music. I am a huge fan of all the major metal sub genres. Even the core sub genres. I also like folk, classical, and jazz, but I don't know a whole lot about them. I wish I knew more. I like rock and alternative rock too, but not so much punk. I am mainly a fan of music requiring skill and talent with musical instruments and I like the 'band' concept of music rather than the one star or diva. I can't stand most of them. I play the guitar myself and am learning how to be a vocalist.
At third is anime. I will watch most genres of anime, so long as they are not meant for children. I also hate entire seasons of filler.
At fourth is reading. I love reading manga, but am not a western comic book fan. I like reading Asian light novels, and western high fantasy. I am currently reading Berserk by Kentaro Miuri and the Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan.
At fifth is history. I am a history buff, but I don't know as much as I'd like to know about history. I always enjoy a good history lesson; hearing about the long dead civilizations, cultures, and religions of the past.
At sixth is gaming. I am a gamer. I have been playing video games since I was old enough to understand the concept of video games. The first games I played where on the SNES when I was barely 4 years old playing Super Mario World. Ever since, I have been, and always will be a gamer.

There are other places I write too.

My WordPress blog ( is a blog that on Fridays features anime and manga, and on any other days - if I feel like writing in it - I write about whatever I feel like writing about. Which is usually things I like or things that are important to me.

My Facebook page ( is a place where one can personally follow my projects, whatever they may be at the time. Most of them involve writing.

My Twitter ( is out of date, and I am considering taking it down. I rarely use it, and have no followers there.

Those are my public content based profiles. All of my other profiles are private and reserved for my own personal uses. Please don't ask for them.

Thank you.

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