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Some people feel the Rain...

... other just get wet...

i would like to thank Lady Willow Wept for support, friendship & inspiration! ^^
link to Willow Wept's DP profile:

also, i've released a book! it's called "Book of Pain /and YOU of Course! ^^/" check it out! and if you like it, consider buying it at:
"http://www.lulu.com/shop/mr-rain/book-of-pain-and-you-of-course/ebook/product-23297634.html" ^-^

and if you just like my works and want to support me feel free to send me whatever the number of DP dollars you like the most - because i really like writing works but really dislike erasing them! ^^

Strenght, Fortune and only the Darkest Poetry wishes you...
Mr. Rain¨
and thanks to all of you 1789 people who visited my works! ^^

God Is In The Rain's Works

Poetry (Love)2017-11-06Vendor with Misery
Poetry (Depressed)2017-10-08The last day of Summer
Poetry (Personal)2017-09-26​Ghosts in the photograph
Poetry (Personal)2017-09-25My Judith
Poetry (Personal)2017-08-27Book of Pain /And YOU of Course! ^^/ (16 pages)
Poetry (Depressed)2016-12-13​Welcome to my World
Poetry (Ironic)2016-11-25​Poetry of a burning man
Poetry (Horror)2016-11-11White Tree Fairies
Poetry (Depressed)2016-10-09​My Lady Willow Wept
Poetry (Depressed)2016-10-02Downfall
Poetry (Depressed)2016-03-02Book Of Pain
Poetry (Depressed)2016-01-19Clouds
Poetry (Depressed)2015-12-29Whole Night
Poetry (Depressed)2013-01-12Is it the Rain?
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