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***The front and back covers of "Helena's Bloody Heart"***

I'm beautiful, but a complete wildcard. :):):)
I do shit like a Boss, like a real Rom Baro.
Ain't got time for no drama.
Roses are red, I am perfection.

Poetry is about freedom, so I'll write any motherfucking poem that I want to write.

For a more timely release, "Helena's Bloody Heart" will be released in time for the Holidays. I will keep y'all abreast of the release date, and I apologize profusely for the delay.

Please buy carlosjackal's books, he's a good friend, and they are well worth the read ! :):)
***You all can find the link for his books on his profile***

Collaborator for Hire.
Spelling and Grammar Snob.
Queen of Erotica. *nickname given to me by Kaiser Black ;).*
Texas Cracker Girl *nickname given to me by carlosjackal :).*
Guardian Of Poetry *nickname given to me by a lovely person :).*
The Rated R Carmen San Diego *nickname given to me by my "Lovely Lady" Mute Serenade*

My Top Twenty Poems *if you're wondering which ones you should read*:

1. Port Huron
2. Kettering Vitamins
3. Glass Houses Are Broken
4. Sheer Carisi Guts
5. Lessons
6. Fevered Snapshot
7. 995 Carbine
8. A Harlequin Doll's Heart
9. I Stole Prometheus's Fire
10. Fat Missy Missy
11. Heroin And The Siren
12. Rising Water And Falling Air
13. A Terrible Truth
14. Addict, Recovering
15. Kiss Me..... In Cyrillic
16. 3:00AM Train To Salzburg
17. Gather Around
18. No Love Can Cure This ( Featuring carlosjackal )
19. I Need.....
20. Trafficker

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Rebs- (co-founder and co-Ragtag Law)
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Allen- (Ragtag Alerter)
carlosjackal- (Ragtag Counselor)
Willow Wept- (Ragtag Mom)
Karebear- (Ragtag Aunt)
Adagios- (Ragtag Uncle)
out there- (Ragtag Brother)
Kaiser Black- (Ragtag Brother)
Jerry stiles- (Ragtag Cousin)
SolApathy- (Ragtag Enforcer)

Ragtag Motto: United in love and loyalty, we never leave one of our own behind.

***Disclaimer*** The Awesome Ragtags are an invitation only group. Potential members are discussed and voted in by the Ragtags

The hearts keep breaking and the heads just roll.

Don't worry if it's a cold night
Because we all go up in flames
We fall heavy but we're so light
So leave the door wide open
- "Leave The Door Wide Open" by The Black English

"Screams from the haters, it's got a nice ring to it"- "Power" by Kanye West

"If you're not strong then you better be smart."- Brendan Gleeson in "Gangs Of New York"

To those perusing my profile who are NOT members, simply join our amazing community and read to your heart's content. :):):)

Call me a rebel.....rebel

Rebs's Works

Poetry (Personal)2017-11-13Sitting On Chris Coy's Lap
Poetry (Personal)2017-11-11Circumnavigation In Riot
Poetry (Satire)2017-11-02"This Is Peggy"
Graphic Art (Reflective)2017-10-30Wlaschiha
Poetry (Reflective)2017-10-27Venetian Mask Lullaby
Graphic Art (Spiritual)2017-10-26Cave Of Sapphires
Poetry (Personal)2017-10-24Alles Gesehen
Poetry (Personal)2017-10-09Lady Of Triple Blood
Poetry (Love)2017-10-08Star Of Falkirk
Poetry (Structured)2017-10-06Window Lickers
Poetry (Structured)2017-10-04Venti Pumpkin Spice Latte, Please!
Poetry (Depressed)2017-09-24Plastic Utensil Edges
Poetry (Depressed)2017-09-16Mangled Thorns
Poetry (Tribute)2017-09-05Remember The Alamo! Remember Goliad!
Poetry (Spiritual)2017-08-09Gulf Coast Whispers
Poetry (Love)2017-08-05Say It So Pretty
Poetry (Structured)2017-08-01Red Ink On Starfall
Poetry (Horror)2017-07-26Tempest With A Whip
Poetry (Love)2017-07-14He Breathes Blood
Poetry (Depressed)2017-06-22About The Stygian
Poetry (Depressed)2017-06-19Calhoun Street
Poetry (Fantasy)2017-06-12It's All But Written
Poetry (Depressed)2017-06-05Sordino
Poetry (Depressed)2017-06-05Astrid Park
Poetry (Love)2017-05-29Happily Severed, Wantonly Tied
Poetry (Love)2017-05-28Muse Of Bladed Tongue
Poetry (Structured)2017-05-19Banchetto Del Consumismo
Poetry (Tribute)2017-05-18Urban Graffiti
Poetry (Love)2017-04-24Contracted In Pale And Purified Embers
Poetry (Love)2017-04-23Cards On The Table
Poetry (Horror)2017-04-22Playing The Suicide Queen
Poetry (Love)2017-04-17Rising Water And Falling Air
Poetry (Love)2017-03-27Buchanan And Gatsby
Poetry (Fantasy)2017-03-17Harry Potter.....Rebs Style
Poetry (Love)2017-02-27Weep You No More
Poetry (Love)2017-02-16Frozen Nightingale
Poetry (Personal)2017-02-11Trading Grace Lee For A Cheap High
Poetry (Tribute)2017-02-02Gather Around
Poetry (Tribute)2017-02-02Hers Is The Kingdom
Poetry (Haiku)2017-01-31Aokigahara
Poetry (Structured)2017-01-30Barcelona Gentleman
Poetry (Personal)2017-01-26Fevered Snapshot
Poetry (Tribute)2017-01-25Apathetic Bones
Poetry (Depressed)2017-01-20No Love Can Cure This ( Featuring carlosjackal )
Poetry (Tribute)2017-01-16Hanan
Graphic Art (Fiction)2017-01-11Landscaped Cross
Graphic Art (Love)2017-01-10Santorini
Poetry (Tribute)2017-01-01Forever And Ever ( Written for 10 and Willow Wept )
List (Personal)2016-12-29Musical Inspiration Selfie
Graphic Art (Non-Fiction)2016-12-23Why?
Graphic Art (Personal)2016-12-22Fat Missy Missy
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