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Cocaine chem-trails...

Hit my line
Off a satellite dish

Feel the highs
Of the new lows

Subscribe to what television
Tells a vision

You know your state property
When your name is a number......

Martin Luther King
Bought a dream
From an American opium dealer

But Was he (Remote) from reality
For Thinking his words might
(channel) a (change)

Can you hear me now!!! ?
The phonies

It must be raining unanswered prayers
Seems heavens always
dropping the ravens calls These days

We use to be close
Before the long distance

We use to be connected
Before the disconnection

Soldier's use to
Boost morale
Now they
(Boost mobile)

They use to walk the line
Now they (Sprint wireless)

Ironic is a
(Tight rope) ?

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