The darkness trickles in, like a leaky tap from hell. Ever filling my cup that deepens as it fills, until all that is me is all in the cup and I have returned to whence I have come.

Purposelessness's Works

Poetry 2017-03-14King Lizard
Poetry (Philosophical)2017-03-06Modern Slave
Poetry (Love)2017-03-04The End
Poetry (Depressed)2017-03-01Purposelessness
Poetry (Philosophical)2017-02-28Ever Here
Poetry (Depressed)2017-02-26Frailty of Mind
Poetry (Comedy)2017-02-23Ode to the Sad Poet
Poetry (Philosophical)2017-02-22The Folly of Faith
Poetry (Depressed)2017-02-21The Red Lick of Her Fire: Another Month
Poetry (Philosophical)2017-02-01Human Again
Poetry 2017-01-31Insomnia Cure
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