Intimate, slick streams
of lullaby-stroked pearls,
form beads, as the...

Incandescent, sun sets
with your peaceful eyes
Long tranquility falls happily
upon your subtle sighs

Radiant love, my lover,
your tenderness, I can't resist
Overwhelmed by your
dearest touch, your playful kiss

Into the naked, tempest
calling of the satyr's wild
Vanquished, within your arms,
I'm yet again the child

Now as I press myself -- aching
against your heaving chest
Elusive still, I feel your quickened,
tender heartbeat tell me all the rest

Alas, your supple, succulent,
secret, swollen, lovely lips
Uncontrollable, ravenous my yearning
to taste the sweetest --

...honey drips

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Published on Wednesday, December 17, 2008.     Filed under: "Poetry"
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