For Eric

By Salty Ships

God's laughter reverberates through us
you and I, two hearts alight with a sickened fire
star-crossed fates and scattered

I know your skin only in the unanswered aches of my own
yet I've spent my dreams swimming in your circuitry
opening a network of glass blown veins for the rivers of electricity that construct your thoughts
there is no route that will not reflect in the cloud of your eyes
when every sensitive entryway is stitched with sky-reaching rods of raw neon.

Galaxies ago, a pair of particles sent adrift
entwined in threads of thinning time
there is no place for us here, now
but I keep to the horizon
frantically waving the white flag of my surrender
a signal to say
I am alive and longing
even as the earth turns treadmills under you.

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Copyright 2013 Salty Ships
Published on Sunday, April 26, 2015.     Filed under: "Poetry"
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Comments on "For Eric"

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  • Maladroit On Monday, August 26, 2013, Maladroit (299)By person wrote:

    This will likely be the best thing that happens to me all day- just fantastic..

  • FadedBlues On Saturday, May 11, 2013, FadedBlues (3046)By person wrote:

    ...ever wandering & weary of it. kinetic & epic...

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