The Ghost..(and the Angel..)

By kabacha

Drowning in the ocean of life
Into the abyss of the unknown
The waters flood me up inside
And shamelessly burn my flesh to the bone
On fire inside, I am wrapped by waters
As the rot sets in.. and the fire is no more

As I feel my flesh being ripped
Feeding the hungry scavengers
I realise how life is meaningful for once
As my remains kiss the ocean dust..

Born and now re-born
Which one was life?
The one that is drained?
The one that I feel??

The ghost wakes up inside me
Rips me and steps outside me
Is it my saviour?
Or here to forever slay me??

In the dark of nothingness
Face to face we stand
Both born together in blood and ripped out
Of the same womb..

Born bathed in blood
Drowned in the pool of blood together
Angel, please leave us alone
Fly away, lest I rip your wings ..

For all I see is the ghost
In me and even in you now
This fire in my viens
Flames in my eyes
This smoke in my lungs
Ashes, ashes of my heart..

Let us burn, let these waters rot us
In this cold burial
Hope we will finally merge with this dust forever

The ghost screams as his abode rots
Rips me as it strains and it shouts
You cannot betray me it pleads..

Angel, as you fly and fade away I realise..
I am the ghost and the ghost is me..
I am not the ghost and the ghost is not me..

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Copyright 2017 kabacha
Published on Tuesday, April 18, 2017.     Filed under: "Philosophical" and "Poetry"
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