Children of Rage

By Wolfaerie

Had a dream last night about children who watched their families be tortured and murdered.

These children then became tortures and murderers,

They became righteous-with-the-cause to rid the world of the evil that destroyed their families,

Of the evil that broke their hearts into sharp remains of lost-hope-for-the-world.

They feel beyond pain. They are apathy.

To them, death is more valuable than life.
Death is a second chance at redeeming love-lost to cruelty.

By becoming cruel, we warn others to stay away " or-else"

This "or-else", could mean the end of us all.


Unless, we try Another-Way,

By realizing, 

That those who hurt have been hurt.

That a man that takes, is a child that was stolen from.

That a woman who hates, is a child that was hated.

That every one that tries to kill is somehow trying not to be killed.

That every one that wishes death, somehow wants to be dead.

Those who want you to suffer, 

all forgot that they are loved.

The most courageous act, 

is for you to remind them.

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Copyright 2017 Wolfaerie
Published on Sunday, May 14, 2017.     Filed under: "Poetry"

Author's Note:

i dream a lot. Sometimes it's beautiful, sometimes it's fucked up.
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