World-Peace for They

By Wolfaerie

World-Peace for They.

Too-good-to-be-true cynicism comes most secondary, at the thought of 

This cynicism is the biggest wall surrounding World-Peace ( into land-pieces of world-part isolation, each land-piece afraid of the other pieces)

Being(s) afraid of being.

Dis-ease of species.

The created concept of "outsider", of They.


 (ALL-OF-THEM. us.)


" I've been hurt before, and I feel like causing hurt, because I don't want to hurt anymore.

I'll hurt you before you(/they) hurt me (again).

Peace is for the foolish",

They say.

" Peace will get you killed. Peace will leave you unprotected from THEM.

They. Are. The. Enemy.
I. Will. Protect. You.

From. Them.

Those who promise peace are after money and power. They are another-them."

Cynicism finds cynics. Like attracts like.

" They are kind because they want what you have. They are....

Liars. Thieves. Con-artists. Monsters. Less-Good. Evil.

They killed my family. I was just a child. They took everything from me, from us. And they are going to do it again. They want to destroy us, so we must destroy first. Before it gets worse.

They are".

Or, in other words. They really-say,

" I don't believe in World-Peace because I don't believe that you love me", 

says Humanity

 "How could you love me? I burned the land of milk and honey. I tore apart the cattle and the sheep to make for me things sweet and cheap. To live a waking life of greed and ungracious sleep.

How could you love me? 

I starved my children so that I could fly high. I let the sick die so that I could make the money right. I wounded the sacred safety of flesh-and-spirit so that I could feel alive.

I wanted mine.

I neglected innocent-need, to rot.
When I swore plastic vows that I would not.

How could you love me?

I hurt you to feed me.

I wanted mine.

This is too-good-to-be.... I do not believe,

Is Us.

In Love.

 I will ( not ) fight (for World-Peace)".


They say this.

.......But the thing is though........

We are all-They.


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Copyright 2017 Wolfaerie
Published on Sunday, May 14, 2017.     Filed under: "Poetry"
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  • Kaiser Black On Tuesday, May 16, 2017, Kaiser Black (1510)By person wrote:

    This was damn good. A true indictment on society and the human race. Very original and very unique style. Well done.

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