come back

By holy toledo

please don't leave me

words said in cars
at airports
outside of coffee shops.

they hurt the same
way they felt right at the time

and sitting here, wondering how long it's been
since fingers traced the words you sprayed on my skin.
as if I could ever forget the look on your face
the last time you said anything to me.

and those words
please don't leave me.

some mornings I am fine.
others, like now. I'm not.

I try to remind myself that digging into the past
brings up nothing but bones that need to stay buried
but the poet in me screams that the scars
are starting to heal a little too well
and I need to remember the way your head felt
on my chest when you told me that
you could be all that I need.

and I left anyway.

I try to tell myself these things
like- I didn't know that it would be the last time
when we both knew the truth
and you tried to smile through the tears
to make it a little easier

and I left anyway.

the way your eyes pleaded with the words
come back- the way your lips trembled
when you told me that you felt it.
you felt the end.
and I smiled. I fucking smiled
and told you that it's not the end unless we make it the end.

so I left.

and sometimes I'm fine
but sometimes I'm not.

and sometimes the night sky looks just a little
too dark.
and when my heart beats a little too fast
I tell it softly- don't stop.

don't stop.

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Copyright 2017 holy toledo
Published on Wednesday, May 17, 2017.     Filed under: "Poetry"

Author's Note:

and please, don't forget.
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