A little something

By snazzymcgee420

Why in this day and age, is there so much despair? Such unsettling feelings as death stains the air. We’ve become conditioned to not care. Even worse, we’re not aware of the circumstances that got us where we are now. It is much to shallow. Our culture does not allow, any depth of mind or unity of soul. How we’ve given up on the gift of our nature from ultimate builders reduced to just takers. Modern man is its our slaver, with neon lights our eyes don’t favor. Turning away from our ultimate savior. Beneath our own lines, our path in the dirt, lies the only village that proves what you’re worth. You on the mother earth stark naked at birth clamoring clambering for feast and for hearth. The beasts we’re revered, ultimately feared in panic we’re speared, and ultimately from godlike beasts to plastic packaging and # 3’s, its okay though i’ll eat it with cheese. So far flung from any mentality, but now we can transcend gravity or the sound of speed, grow really dank as weed, but with our lives we proceed, to distract ourselves from the wealth that has conquered kingdoms, destroyed lives, killed human beings. It’s obvious now that the world is not damned, if we stand with each other strong hand in hand. But we cannot just pretend, there is not blood in the land, chemicals in the rain, our own people are killed, neglected in shame, collected in pain, liquified like rain be seen again. supposedly they didn’t make ends meet but when do these means meet and end?We’re all rotting branches, same roots of the tree, repeat after me, freedom is not free. Multiplied indefinitely it’s written across the galaxies, that our particles and wavelengths cannot exist without frequencies tangling, poles rearranging, a grand scale maintenance. Whether you subscribe to physics or a creation designed you cannot deny that God is a mind.It’s just perception, look at the information you’ve compiled after a number of years, pick it apart and disperse it to peers. Then together amass wild theories, some of them wise, others just for fun, whats really important is to take the ball and run. Make any sense in this mystery, establish a threshold of history and you’re basically at the door of victory, this battle specifically the direction of humanity, to progress fluidly or backtrack without traction the true meaning of life is direct action, all our forces of life orbiting the truth, souls stretch further than your eyes or the roof. The river flows on a micro step by step, i’ll give you a second to get a grip, welcome to the swimming pool the ocean of time, where knowledge is currency and nothing is forgotten. All the solutions for the empire of rust, there’s just one contract you must just trust and love your fellow dwellers all living creatures, the stones and the trees, cockroaches that eat flesh a bad case of fleas, the crystals on land and the magma in the seas, all the things you won’t believe til you just see its ultimate. Take back your own mind and cultivate soulful youth, walk the way with each other on the pathway to truth.

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Copyright 2017 snazzymcgee420
Published on Saturday, June 17, 2017.     Filed under: "Spiritual" and "Poetry"
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