.... i believe ...

By KittyStryker

my god

you make me

between these sheets
i come up
with the names of saints
i never knew
and icons
i never
believed in

i was a skeptic
an atheist
in love

but you
cleanse my past with kisses
and sanctify my skin
as hallowed ground
leaving behind
a trail of worship

the wall
near my bed
shows traces
of what i've come
to consider
a miracle

are my dark skinned angel
come to claim
what has been offered you

am an alter
i give you
what i have
battered pieces of what was once

i display my heart
as yours
for the taking


and i know
my sacrifice
has been accepted

and i
have been saved

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Copyright 2004 Bast
Published on Monday, June 14, 2004.     Filed under: "Poetry"
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Comments on ".... i believe ..."

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  • A former member wrote: 'i am an alter i give you what i have battered pieces of what was once' This is a lovely, softbrutal piece w/ shadows on roads behind& ahead; what breathing can do to suffocating; nothing can stop you now...well done.

  • glasshouse On Monday, June 14, 2004, glasshouse (569)By person wrote:

    What a beautiful metaphor... though it seems so real it can hardly be considered as such. You've done it again... amazed me. Great work. -Glass

  • A former member wrote: I yearn for this, so bad.

  • Lynaes On Monday, June 14, 2004, Lynaes (879)By person wrote:

    Wonderful use of metaphor and word play, it really drew the emotions and the effect of them into you. I particularly liked "i am an alter i give you what i have". Stunning work, perfectly worded.

  • murder_in_clubland On Monday, June 14, 2004, murder_in_clubland (424)By person wrote:

    wow,your amazing....gorgeous~ss

  • worm On Monday, June 14, 2004, worm (1578)By person wrote:

    I believe I just may have become a believer! a nice touch to this one!

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