Rantings of a Killer

By Angst Queen

yea you guessed it, another oldie

I laugh as I stare at you lieing lifeless on the ground in a puddle of your own blood as I hold the knife that took your life

Maybe I'm pyscho, maybe I've lost it but you were such a prick I just had to end it

I laugh, I cry, hell I don't even know why but I do it all the same. You had no clue what kind of beast you were attempting to break and tame

You treated me like shit but ha ha it fuckin killed you. Your actions were foolish and now there's nothing you can do.

Your eyes stare blankly ahead, blood staining the grass, ha ha, lucky I was merciful to your ass

You fucked up and oops! your dead and I'm proud of what I've done even though others may think that I am the one fucked in the head

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Copyright 2004 BloodRoseWolf
Published on Friday, October 8, 2004.     Filed under: "Rage" and
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Comments on "Rantings of a Killer"

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  • Kinkypoptart On Friday, April 15, 2005, Kinkypoptart (578)By person wrote:

    So much hate and intensity... my kind of poem. ~*~Tart~*~

  • BeautifulCalamity On Wednesday, November 10, 2004, BeautifulCalamity (434)By person wrote:

    love the intense hatred you possess in this, hmm. that whole sentence is ironic.. damn, i'm dumb :P.. but i can really feel this piece.. the mockery of some words.. i dunno, nicely done

  • DarkWolf On Wednesday, November 3, 2004, DarkWolf (420)By person wrote:

    How twisted and interesting lol.. nicely done.. like being inside his head.. -Michael

  • Zhee On Friday, October 8, 2004, Zhee (539)By person wrote:

    i really liked the way this was done.. i am amazed at what you were writing when you were younger! wow! :)

  • A former member wrote: Fun. Funny. Fucked up. Just like you. Just like me. ~Shane~

  • A former member wrote: well im fukked in the head too then...this is fukking awesome!!! *ScaNdaL*

  • Deadly Embrace On Friday, October 8, 2004, Deadly Embrace (41)By person wrote:

    "Your eyes stare blankly ahead, blood staining the grass, ha ha, lucky I was merciful to your ass" That is awesome. The hatred in this piece is magnificent. Nicely done. -de

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