By KittyStryker

i am infatuated

bewitched; enchanted

by a woman whose eyes
see far beyond this world
and into the next

she is the golden laughter
of coy spring sunlight
on the hidden forest stream

i am bashful, ashamed
when her lips hint at a smile
for she becomes naked in these moments

and when she is lying there
in her cloudbed of pillows
and egyptian cotton sheets
her arms lifted to accept me
into her divine embrace

i feel as though i have been blessed

and all the stars strive in vain
to mimic love's glimmer in my eyes

my tongue traces her every curve
and i murmur my prayers into skin
that rivals the softness of silk

my fingers lingering on her thighs
delicately unfolding labia lips
glistening with her moisture
her desire for me

her inner light radiates
an earthly goddess, writhing
under my worshipful hands

these hands are mine

i am the priestess and the sacrifice
here to offer reverence at this sacred alter
where life begins

to bring her to the heights
her deity demands

her moans are like oceans crashing
rolling, rolling over me
as i tremble in their wake

her orgasms
shatter galaxies

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Copyright 2004 Bast
Published on Wednesday, December 15, 2004.     Filed under: "Poetry"
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Comments on "reverence"

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  • Drifter On Monday, December 27, 2004, Drifter (278)By person wrote:

    *makes odd grumbling sounds* - Ok there's my jaw, this piece was amazing. Stunning, really fun to read :D

  • A former member wrote: wow...once again, great. emotional and erotic in a lyrical way

  • Six-Out On Tuesday, December 21, 2004, Six-Out (1480)By person wrote:

    erotica/romanticism. The beauty of this piece just astounded me in a way I didn't think possible from a sexual work.

  • A former member wrote: this poem is wonderful

  • Anth On Wednesday, December 15, 2004, Anth (1142)By person wrote:

    this is a brilliant poem,stylishly written with great imagery and angles

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