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  • "He likes to flatten the rolls too when you find them Worm. Cheers my friend! - Dan"
    Posted by dwells on "poem 4967..." by worm
  • "The way you write intrigues me. It has this ability to shift and move under the readers skin. I can't get enough of it."
    Posted by Drea on "un`stability" by Devil lyn
  • "This was clever. I'm a sucker for writes like this. It's beyond the earth, out there in the stratosphere light years away. I loved this. "
    Posted by Drea on "Star Eater" by midnights voice
  • "Dan, this was great. It had this way of making me feel uncomfortable (in a great way), but flowed with such visuals. This is one of my favorites from you. Write on, sir."
    Posted by Drea on "The Caretaker" by dwells
  • "well, hit me in the face with a brick! allow me to write you a million dollar check for this one! very descriptive and very well written... Kudos! ~worm~"
    Posted by worm on "The Caretaker" by dwells
  • "Heartbreaking and a little unsettling, perfectly penned , you created a poetic story that intrigued "The hungry rats will not bite tonight and when morning comes, we will eat them as they do us." This part wow. As always love reading something new from you."
    Posted by River Lily on "The Caretaker" by dwells
  • "-sighs lift beyond the sway of limbs.... marooning her in desire... while shadows caress her skin. it's all about the hunt... and one can't hide from the muse inside..... - it's always a pleasure being visited by the sly feline . -k"
    Posted by blue angel on "Weeping Willow" by Deathkitten
  • "This was brilliantly rendered....The aftermath of a heart broken spoken with poetic honesty. Also, great images and continuity to carry the nausea to its hard hitting conclusion. "
    Posted by carlosjackal on "About The Stygian" by Rebs
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