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  • "Cass is an old member, so she is referring to when the site owner used to require members that wanted a free membership here to mail a postcard to him thus our free membership is called postcard. However, the process is different now: all you need to do is make at least 10 constructive comments on other poets' posts and you will automatically be up for review to receive postcard. Then a council member will make a decision and award the membership if the criteria has been met satisfactorily. It's a quicker process than my explanation makes it seem lol"
    Posted by Amaryllis on "but am i really" by goldfishy
  • "For me the 4th stanza was pretty perfect. I'm always taken aback by how damn clever and intelligent your writes are. As I was reading this i found myself thinking about Darwinism, only to see it as one of your tags. Dan, this was good. "
    Posted by Drea on "Snipped" by dwells
  • "This is grappling with identity at its finest... please send in a postcard and stay; I'd hate for you to ever leave. "
    Posted by Cassette on "but am i really" by goldfishy
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