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  • "Reminiscence of a life well-lived with few regrets I'd guess MV. Lovely thoughts after a sumptuous meal. Check please! and cheers my friend - Dan (where's the dessert? :)"
    Posted by dwells on "Sunset of my Heart" by midnights voice
  • "I understand what you're saying. But even so no one asked to be born so life really isn't a choice. It's forced upon us. And as for thinking of others and their struggles? Pretty much that's a copout "you think you're in pain but there is always someone with it worse off than you so your pain is insignificant". When you hurt why would you want to think of how others suffer in their ways? You can't compare pains and struggles because everyone takes to them differently. "
    Posted by Livingdeadgirl on "If you wish to die..." by Allen
  • "Beautifully written. This makes me think of a few family and friends that have left this plane. Family and friends that I dearly miss. Thank you for sharing."
    Posted by Andrea Geneva on "dead by sunrise" by Candy Cain
  • "As poignant and relevant as anything I have read in these times. Masterful. Honered to have read it. "
    Posted by tmanzano on "Dis.integration" by dwells
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