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  • "once again Damien you've posted a masterpiece, the words are strong and the feel is restless. your work is always intense and has a sobering effect. you're the best brother. i always wondered why Jesus asked " God why have you forsaken me? " God bless you and Nadia, talk to ya later - m0 "
    Posted by molock on "Revelations" by Damien
  • "I have to echo natalie here, as you do sound like a poet from a different era. I remember listening to a poet on a bus in London, and his words moved me. I hope that you decide to stick around for a bit, darlin'. Rebs:)."
    Posted by Rebs on "Threnody" by Rikard
  • "I'm starting to sense some Game Of Thrones mixed in with some beautiful elements of Greek Mythology, and I have to say that I'm really liking it. I'm interested in reading more of your work, darlin'. Rebs:)."
    Posted by Rebs on "As I await the birth of the imperial winter" by Rikard
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