Comments by Taunting The Reaper

  • "To be young and immortal, if only for a moment. I remember the young girls in my classes drawing hearts and writing "Mike and Janet 4 Ever!" They really meant it (I wasn't so sure about Mike). Those were wonderful times for so many short sighted reasons. Your poem to me back there for a few minutes. For a few minutes I was a sweetheart again and my heart raced like a schoolboy with a crush."
    Posted by Taunting The Reaper on "Another Found Letter Unsent" by Wolfaerie
  • "A very profound passion soaring out of control and then letting go to embrace it makes for a truly amazing feeling while reading. This truly reaches out beyond the text. "
    Posted by Taunting The Reaper on ". . fire.water . . " by NikesRain
  • "Exquisite... I do dearly love this peace. It should be read and yet I don't know if I'm fit to comment. You're very kind for sharing this; an instant fave!"
    Posted by Taunting The Reaper on "Guardian Angel" by Meadowhawk
  • "Very uplifting; conquering your demons can be a brutal battle. Also, stolen electronics can be a heavy load to carry whilst your running away from the Cops. "
    Posted by Taunting The Reaper on "Generation RX" by GraveFlower
  • "This feels like deep maternal love aching to be near her baby. You'll be out soon and I know you'll make it count. What a noble thing to write about. "
    Posted by Taunting The Reaper on "Prison Break" by namelessmadi
  • "The evolutionary process never had it so good. The thing that leaves me in total awe of the world we live in is the incredible diversity of life and even though 99% of all species are now extinct oh what amazing creatures they must have been. I feel your poem is a tribute to this and I tip my hat knowingly."
    Posted by Taunting The Reaper on "14 Billion Years Ago..." by Polaris
  • "To quote an old cliche' still waters run deep and sometimes beauty surfaces in the most unexpected places if you truly care to look deep enough. How wonderful of you to notice, and write about it."
    Posted by Taunting The Reaper on "not "beautiful"" by FadedBlues
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