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some days, i wake up, and i don't know where the sky is, or the ground. i just try to find a place to go, sometimes i just want people to know who i am or what i am, even though i really don't even know. i'm 16 and slowly discovering the dark things that come along in this lifetime.i don't expect people to like me, i just want someone to care about what i have to say. really, i just want to spread my wings. to live, and to love, and to be loved. that's all i ask.

"When the dark is here,
and the sun has not yet come
You stand there alone, thinking that only you know...
a shadow crosses your path and you can't tell when it will pass...
but first, you need to take a stand.
to give the world a second chance.
otherwise, you'll never know what could've been done.
only then, will you see The Sun."

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