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I joined DP in Jan 2012. I'm of Celtic roots
being Welsh born and bred, still living in Wales UK.

I miss my beautiful friend Corinthian **

*** I always will...

she is subliminal and your dreams are her
unmasking you, blowing smoke through your soul
slowing the beat of your hearts folly
putting her lips over your mouth
taking your life force to the edge of the cliff
that you find yourself on
and you notice she has wings, just before you fall

Anita Magdalena© August 2016

(a quiet conversation)

don't blame her for the fallout
it was your possession
the assassin in your fist a jealous fool
stone drenched and purple

infantile thunder, flattened cosmic creation
you were vast once, and then just a droplet
leaving her obsidian lashes
crystal remnants upon her cheekbones
you gifted her with lavender remains

her dust is left symbolic, inside twelve bells
drifting in the sacred dusk
curiosities fracture under the silver sky
there is nothing left to ponder
nor a shrine for you to fold into

prey to the veil that covets her heart
and release her memoirs
into the hands of her daughter

Anita Magdalena©May2017.

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