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Sometimes we must cross the line to know where it truly lies.

Death is the inevitable,
He is the unquestionable.

I dreamt of her, dreamt of happiness and apathy
I awoke from a dream within a dreaming fantasy.

If you die happy, then you did life right.
Light is as blinding as darkness bright.

SirEnders's Works

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Poetry (Depressed)2016-02-10No More Games
Poetry (Depressed)2016-02-18Left In Memory
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Poetry (Depressed)2016-04-04She Is My Dream
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Poetry 2016-04-04In Death We Trust
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Poetry 0000-00-00Reunited At Deaths Will
Poetry (Depressed)2016-05-25I Felt The Urge
Poetry (Depressed)0000-00-00Dead Ends
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Poetry 0000-00-00I Cannot Remember
Poetry (Depressed)0000-00-00Long Ago Tomorrow
Poetry (Depressed)0000-00-00Memoriam
Poetry (Depressed)0000-00-00And Death Said
Poetry (Depressed)0000-00-00Deaths Beginning
Poetry (Depressed)2016-12-20Death Found Me
Poetry (Depressed)2017-09-20Once Again
Poetry (Depressed)2017-09-27Ranger of Death
Poetry (Depressed)2017-10-02My Only Regret..
Poetry (Depressed)2017-10-17Life Goal Irony
Poetry (Depressed)2017-11-14Back Here, Once Again.
Poetry (Depressed)2017-11-14Save Me
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