Original chase

By darkendomme

The light at the end of this tunnel,
​is the beginning and as you know..
all beginnings have an end.

To belong to a people, see a color, harness
traditional ingredients of generations
​before. The somewhere coming from,
​....traveling to an elsewhere.
Set numbers pointing measured
​coordinates allowing axes to
​intersect their ideal destinations.
​Finding sources and rudiments
​retracing steps left behind. History and
​legends violently grasping and
​screaming for recognition, truth and warning.

Molecules and chromosomes
​testifying to all life forms leaving no
​question. The alpha of the pack,
the genesis of stories, initiations for
​acceptance, the basis of learned morality
​and reason, nativities of faith,
let the crowd cheer for commencement.
Hear the spoken in her structure and
​rafters of inaugural introduction on her tongue.
​Instant connections by recalled similarities
dissected and studied.

Dawn the prelude of its embryonic stage
and birth the beginning of another mind. Many
​minds genius and ironic, continues to unlock
​kept secrets. Science is the fooled copy cat of
the Creator, claiming credit that is already owned.

Let us dance into our own destruction played
on the chords of knowledge and given intelligence.
​Gifts used for targeting its giver and crossing
​parental boundaries. Allowed and given to us,
as evidence of and against ourselves for future rewind.
Unable to simply accept the "as is" by way of doubt.
Original Inherited instincts avoiding incomplete circles and
staying within the lines of human chase...until
​the line comes to its final end and Revelation meets Origin.

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Copyright 2017 darkendomme
Published on Friday, April 14, 2017.     Filed under: "Philosophical" and "Poetry"
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