By snazzymcgee420

In such a clearheaded mental state. It's time like this i know life will be great. All of the wonderful things we can create. To shape our future, to work with Fate. Let me again simply state. We are what we are and do what we do. One simple thing you know is true. What separates a tree from you. You'll see it is simple, quite old not new all the glorious features encompassing you. With a heart most pure and a wisdom beyond ages. You shall soon see you walk through the valley of sages. That we are more than we appear, than what we touch see and hear. Through all of these things it is abundantly clear, that there's something more to this life. Not just the hollow game of pain and strife.

For you see the word life knows no bounds, go out into nature and hear her sounds. Every mind it confounds, so much of it yet so few of we. So much so it feels like a threat. Neglect your mother and what do you get. A life filled with sadness, with longing, regret. If only you could get a few more moments in her grace. To look her once more in the face. So much to break through this momentous day. You finally muster the courage before you speak up and say "I love you".

And by this it is through. That lifetime full of pain and despair. Now you can finally begin to repair. Or maybe it was always there. How one simple act can show you a side of yourself you never knew you had. A wellspring of peace and truth. Walking with the world instead of against it. We are all part of the same.

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Copyright 2017 snazzymcgee420
Published on Saturday, June 17, 2017.     Filed under: "Reflective" and "Poetry"
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