Rolling Fire

By Damien

There's a fire rolling in the sky
​burning all memory and color from our eyes
​flames lick the body as the core begins to die
​stench of rotting flesh as the heat starts to rise
the truth is karma, don't hide
taking a vow won't save you from this hell
​for judgment calls from within yourself
​possession like obsessions are willing sacrifices
to a vengeful deity that burns you alive

​Once a meaning that coursed in every vein
now caustic emotions, reliving every pain
​credence to souls that mislead
​pity and sympathy, spoon fed to the need
​giving empathy to the greed
crawl across a floor of shattered pasts
to a place that will never last
​revolving door of familiar faces
circles back to a time I can't erase
call me cynical because I care
​following, I don not dare

There's a fire rolling in the sky
burning all memory and color from our eyes
​the heat consumes and leads into the dark
​following the light won't save you from who you are
the flames leave an indelible mark
​you can run from the fire and leave all behind
but the moment has captured you, kept you in this time

​There's a fire rolling in the sky
selfless souls desperate to find
the path you have surrendered to
​is the memory you have pretended to
​this can never happen to you
there's a fire rolling in the sky

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Copyright 2017 Damien
Published on Thursday, August 10, 2017.     Filed under: "Poetry"
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  • sheff On Sunday, November 19, 2017, sheff (82)By person wrote:

    Pounding intensity - we often cloak ourselves in disillusioned thoughts to avoid the inevitable- well done

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