Comments by iceshot11

  • "this was a perfect ending to a time well spent on this site. enjoy your stay on here, well written write :) beautiful work "
    Posted by iceshot11 on "Xan: Poem 5" by Xanatos81
  • " first love and i had a similar experience, he also walked away. very bitter topic, title matches perfectly. nice write, really hits you hard. "
    Posted by iceshot11 on "it is not beautiful nor good." by eidos
  • "beautiful...this kind of poem leaves me with nothing to say. only a feeling that cannot be described, but captured here. "
    Posted by iceshot11 on "Scent." by Dei
  • "lovely, pulls at the heart, profound emotions at expressed with ease. write on! "
    Posted by iceshot11 on "My Love" by Rosemarie
  • "awww so waiting to have this sort of elation again. love is beautiful, as is this poem "
    Posted by iceshot11 on "Beside Her" by Chaos God
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